Accessible Value Engineering

During the lifespan of a project, advances in technology and equipment can often outpace a project's schedule. For instance, designers must be flexible in finding solutions for utilities, space, and accessibility to accommodate an updated scope that calls for the substitution of obsolete equipment with newer more state-of-the-art versions.

Such was the case with the Dialysis Water Treatment Power Changes contract at the Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona in 2016, on which Blue Cord served as the prime contractor. The scope called for all electrical utilities and equipment servicing the new dialysis machines to be removed and replaced with updated systems.

During the plans review, Blue Cord's project manager, Bill Moricle, discovered that the water systems that serviced the dialysis machines would not be easily accessible with the current configuration, which called for all plumbing to be concealed within the walls.

To solve this problem, Blue Cord designed a cabinet with a removable top that would house all of the plumbing and valves required for each of the 14 dialysis stations. Blue Cord then commissioned Glenco Industries, to fabricate the cabinets with materials and finishes that exactly matched the existing casework.

The entire process from design, fabrication of the 14 cabinets, and the installation took just six weeks. Blue Cord’s value engineering solution solved the VA’s accessibility concerns, and significantly reduced the time it will take to service the dialysis machines in the future.

In the healthcare industry as well as construction, being flexible, creative, and proactive can keep a project on schedule and, if executed correctly, this approach can provide an invaluable benefit to the end users as well as your clients.

Client: Department of Veteran Affairs, Orlando VA Medical Center, Lake Nona. Project Manager: Bill Moricle. Superintendent: John Bell. Case Work: Glenco Industries.

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