Giving Back to the Community

Blue Cord is committed to giving back to the community for which it serves, especially when it comes to veterans, as well as servicemen and women.

Our owner and CEO, Michael Waldrop, is heavily involved with several organizations in central Florida providing support, therapy, and financial assistance to active and inactive military personnel and their families.

A Dedicated Leader

The Camaraderie Foundation




A non-profit organization, The Camaraderie Foundation seeks to provide Service Members and their families with support, encouragement and counseling to alleviate the stress associated with their transition from the battlefield back into society. Through the healing of their invisible wounds, The Camaraderie Foundation is truly saving marriages, saving families and saving lives.


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The Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses is a Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce advocating for its fellow Veteran Business Owners in the state of Florida. Its efforts are to enhance supplier diversity to benefit Veteran-owned Business within local, state and with large private corporations small business programs and bring awareness to the innovative and talented entrepreneurs in the Veteran community.



The Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council




The Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council has a proud history of serving our community through education and outreach. This dedicated group of volunteers, representing more than 20 veterans’ organizations, puts together quality events that raise awareness of significant milestones, holidays and veteran-related topics.


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