Paul Conrad Photo 2019_Blue Cord Design
Paul Conrad - Operations Manager

As Senior Project Manager and Operations Manager, Paul provides oversight to Blue Cord projects from start to finish. His responsibilities include setting performance requirements, ensuring resources and labor are procured and used effectively, maintaining project schedules, and serving as a primary link to our clients. Paul also is involved in Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Blue Cord efforts. Paul has served as Senior Project Manager for numerous Blue Cord efforts since the firm's inception. He offers more than four decades of industry experience to our team and has built a reputation for excellence in construction.

Andrew French  2019_Blue Cord Design & C
Andrew French - Senior Project Manager

With a strong background in quality control, its no wonder that Andrew’s projects are some of the most well-planned and well-executed projects in the industry. As a Blue Cord Senior Project Manager, Andrew provides diligent oversight and encourages meticulous attention to detail through both the design and construction phases. His related responsibilities include creating quality control reports, monitoring construction site activities for compliance with the quality requirements, and performing site inspections to evaluate subcontractor performance.

Jessie Ladson 2019_Blue Cord Design & Co
Jessie Ladson - Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Jessie is directly responsible for ensuring that all projects are managed efficiently and that schedule, budget, safety, program, and quality goals are achieved. From procurement through final closeout, he provides close oversight for all construction operations. He acts and makes decisions in matters affecting planning, procurement, labor, supervision, personnel, cost, safety, quality assurance, and records. Jessie provides regular project status reports and is the primary point of contact during construction for the team, the subcontracting community, and other contractors that may be working on the site.

Eddy Reeder Website Photo 2019_Blue Cord
Edward (Eddy) Reeder - Project Manager

As one of Blue Cord’s most seasoned Project Managers, Edward has utilized his 48 years of experience in construction oversight and project management to deliver quality, budget-conscious healthcare construction efforts since 2011. He has successfully conducted complex projects on active VA campuses throughout Florida, each with extensive project management scopes. His knowledge of - and familiarity with - VA Medical Center construction is unmatched.

John Sandstrom Website Photo 2019_Blue C
John Sandstrom - Project Manager

With 20 years of industry experience, management expertise for mission-critical efforts, and training capabilities for OSHA 30 and OSHA 10-hour certifications, John is ideally suited as a Blue Cord Project Manager. In project management, John serves as a primary link to our clients and oversees every aspect of his projects from Notice to Proceed through closeout.  Additionally, his construction safety training and expertise enable him to serve in safety management roles, inspecting workers’ safety and performance and ensuring Blue Cord’s compliance with company and client safety and health plans, as well as applicable regulations.

Erika Gray - Project Manager

With over 25 years’ experience in construction development and project and property management (focused on healthcare sector efforts and tenant fit-outs), Erika is ideally suited as a Blue Cord Project Manager. In addition to her varied industry expertise, she offers a critical understanding of ICRA, code compliance, AHCA reviews and inspections, patient health practices, and permitting.

Cameron Moseley_website2021.png
Cameron Moseley - Project Manager/Quality Control Manager

With a host of construction and project certifications to his credit, including OSHA30-hour, NCDOT Level 1 Sediment and Erosion Control, and SSHO capability, Cameron brings thorough industry expertise and knowledge to the Blue Cord team. As a Project Manager, he oversees every aspect of construction operations and serves as a primary link to our clients from Notice to Proceed through closeout. His project experience spans commercial and heavy construction as well as healthcare and federal efforts, including a three-floor hospital wing renovation for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Cameron is also certified in construction quality control by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In a QCM capacity, he performs the three phases of control, inspects workers’ performance, and ensures compliance with client and company quality control measures.


Dennis Swilley 2019_Blue Cord Design & C
Dennis Swilley
Kaina Kaio Website Photo  2019_Blue Cord
Kaina Kaio
U.S. Coast Guard
Randy Perkins  2019_Blue Cord Design & C
Randy Perkins
Ryan Pazderic 01.jpg
Ryan Pazderic
Paul Shumate 2019_Blue Cord Design & Con
Paul Shumate
Jerry Jones.jpg
Jerry Jones
U.S. Army,
U.S. Air Force
John Tingley Website Photo 2019_Blue Cor
John Tingley, CIE, CMMI
Mike Perkins Website Photo 2019_Blue Cor
Mike Perkins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Josh Guiles  2019_Blue Cord Design & Con
Joshua Guiles
U.S. Navy
Mike Mazzuchelli Website Photo  2019_Blu
Mike Mazzuchelli
U.S. Army Veteran

Project Engineers | Estimators

Mike Glass Website Photo  2019_Blue Cord
Mike Glass

Project Engineer 

Kristina Dupree  2019_Blue Cord Design &
Kristina Duprey

Project Engineer

Brody Morman 3.png
Brody Morman