Going Green



Blue Cord understands that sustainability is no longer a buzzword, it’s the standard in building design and construction. That standard has been developed and can be certified at multiple levels by the U.S. Green Building Council through the LEED program.


Michael Waldrop, LEED AP and founder and president of Blue Cord Design & Construction, has extensive experience managing, designing and building LEED-certified projects. Under his leadership, Blue Cord can provide assurance to our clients that we have up to date knowledge of green building technologies, best practices and the rapidly evolving LEED rating systems.



Blue Cord can also help shepherd your project through the Green Globes Certification-a new standard in sustainable design that incorporates the unique facility knowledge held by the building managers and owners with a network of 3rd party assessors resulting in maximum sustainability.


Successfully certifying your building as a Green Globe building can reduce operating costs, help you meet government regulations, qualify you for tax incentives, attract aware employees, and increase your property's marketability.

This program pertains to four different types of projects; New Construction, Core & Shell, Existing Buildings, and Interiors - all of which Blue Cord DevGroup has experience certifying.